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LA RUOTA Pizzeria in Carouge since 1983

La Ruota has been offering its typically Italian cuisine in Carouge for over 40 years. It is in a decor completely revised and corrected in 2005 that the office house today: 100% Italian atmosphere in a pleasant setting, a bright and comfortable room.

table à manger

Florence W, Geneva

* * * * *

An exceptional place, top servers and we're not even talking about the choice of dishes which are totally excellent. A big thank you for your welcome during an event where I had reserved for 26 people.

Steph, Madrid

* * * * *

The meal was excellent, the prices were fair and the quantity was there. The service is also very good. The servers are very professional and friendly.
We often go to Ruota during theater evenings, which is nearby. The staff is welcoming, the service fast. The dishes are very good, both the pasta and the pizzas. The portions are more than generous. A sure value.
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